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Welcome to messy clustered art gallery sorry for the lack of grouping my art i'm just now getting back into the swing of things!

Art Info ~



- Please no humans (I'm still in the process of learning how to draw them!)

- I will not draw YIFF

- If we are doing a trade please try your best on your end to please ^.^ (I've had people in the past who did five minute sketches while I did two pieces for them ;n; )

-Please note that it takes time for me to finish things! I promise I will get to it!

Comission Info :

Flat colors
Reference sheet - 15 points
Headshot - 5points
Full picture with BG - 20 points

Custom adoptable
5 set - 15 points (5 designs)
3 set - 10 points (3 designs)
1 set - 5 points (1 design)


Full Picture and BG - 20 points


Thanks for reading! ' ⌣ '


Neopets NC Wishlist by shattered-bones
Neopets NC Wishlist
Hmm so I finally came up with the two outfits for my upcoming characters even though one of them is completed. xD

Feel free to donate an item at my main - farren12345

I'm probably going to get a NC card so if you want to trade note me on here!
I'm in need of one Dx
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All these fireflies (Art Trade) by shattered-bones
All these fireflies (Art Trade)
Finally finished! ^ ^  I really enjoy how this turned out!
Done with my part of :iconommaxie:

Art (c) Me
Omma (c) :iconOmmaxie

Very glad whoever clicked on this journal is actually interested in the new upcoming comic i'm planning on making called Heiwa Okami which translates the "Peace Wolves" though it'll be the middle of December before I start the comic due to finishing all the characters and there reference sheets mastering all angles draw of a cat and finished the written version of Heiwa Okami which currently is in the makings, the first little bit of the story will be posted below along with the background history which shall be edited over time so stay tuned to these journals! I also am working on finishing the realm maps for Peztil and Argu. both normal maps and the cursed maps. As you can tell much of the stuff is still under construction. I need to start posting the info to characters along with a reference showing all of their info and their more human like form (Neko like but then again isn't Neko the term more for cats correct me if I'm wrong / reason why I said more human like forms)

Characters -

{  % Scale }
-0%  In the makings
-15% Quad design finished
-25% Design and Quad info finished just not posted yet
-50% Human version finished along with Quad
-75% Human info
-100% everything completed and up and posted

Characters scales; (All characters more to be added so keep checking the update journals)
Kviny - 15%  (Feline Princess ; Captured and raised in canine realm)
Aria - 0% (Caretaker of Kviny)
Alue - 0%  (Forest warrior)
Desiary - 0% (fortune teller; psychic  powers)
Yukio - 0% (Guard working for Gypasy)
Yakio - 0% ( Canine warrior +300 years old)
Grast - 0%  (Feline God)
Gypasy - 0% (Canine God)
Meca - 0% ( current prince of the Argu desert)
Gadien - 0% (Merchandise salesman ; sells old artifacts in the argu desert)
Jed - 0% (Evil prince of the Feline Realm)
Bleight - 0% (Guard of the gate to Argu)
Spooky - 0% Thief of Argu and uses Dark magic has a grudge against Kyui and wants to be the next god to rule of the realm of Peztil)
Kyui - 0% (God Gypasys daughter next in line to be the goddess/ ruler of Peztil and Argu)

Background history;

It seems like it's been forever since felines and canines have got along they've even gone so far as splitting there realms, but it wasn't always like this. Long ago the two gods of both species got along very well till war broke out over whose land was whose and shortage of food. The two gods were angered to see their people acting so selfish and showing such a lack of respect. The gods finally came to an agreement of splitting the realms into the Soul Cats and the Peace Wolves after the split there could be no passing of opposite species in the opposite land, unless sneaked in. The one way a feline could see or speak to a canine was through the human world. Do take in mind these special animals you see have very nifty access to portals, which are allowed to be used if a request is sent in by the god of the realm. Though one day a very high honored feline prince decided to take advantage of this very situation on his way out of the portal him and a few of his fellow felines decided it would be a great idea to mess with some of the mutts  who were practicing hunting out in the fields. After the pesky felines made their move and pouched right into the canines ground tackling them and pinning them down calling them worthless, and that it was there fault for the shortage of food. Some of the canines who remember this old story have renamed the felines the the Soulless Cats. After the canines were tackled to the ground they chose to fight back my biting and chasing the cats away. Of course the canines didn't think that the soulless little felines would go back and lie to their leader about the mutts taking advantage of the portals and just using them as a method to get revenge. The God of the felines was so outraged that he those declared the canines no use to the portals. Gypasy the god of the Canines disagreed and therefore began the battle between the gods. The battle lasted a good two days, in the end it was the great feline god who struck Gypasy to his death. Soon as Gypasy passed all the canines were ordered to go back to the Peace wolf realm known as Peztil a place with a night and day realm and filled with many unique canines even though they called them Peace wolves many were dogs, foxes, etc. On the way of deportation from the third realm commonly known as the human world Yukio a daring guard for the Peace wolves had snagged the first born of the Gods sons' child. So soon as the portal was locked off there was no return of the famous soon to be feline princess. What an evil plan you say enough to anger the cats, but that was the last of them the Peace Wolves would ever see, except for this little kitten who was brought into the wrong realm. Though the felines were locked out of the realm right before after the realm portal closed the God of the Felines appeared and how much rage he had was terrifying soon he cast all the peace wolves to sleep and cursed the realm of Petztil and all other places located within it, after that he feld off never to return or could he..? Since the cursed zone has been set on the cursed zone many canine have noticed
-mutant plants/trees  
- dark feline shadows  
- Water serpents
- Dunne monsters in Argu  
- no sunlight shown anywhere sky usually clouded over

The Monsters
Shadow creatures; Large shadow beast that resemble feline like features they seem to sense anything around them ever the slightest breath they will chase you till you fight them and defeat them. There scratches the can leave sometimes will get infected by their poison in their claws if it's a bad enough gash.

Remedy if poisoned; the leaves of the barmento trees in the Peztil forest near the clear shore they soak up all the poison in your system if laid across the wound for a day.

Dunne Monsters; Pesky lizard like serpents that hide under the sand around the Argu desert they also can be found lurking in mud of the Peztil forest or sandy banks of the Clear Seas shores. The seem to wrap around the feet of their prey and  bite at them. They can be easy bitten or scratched off.

Water serpents; {There a a few kind}
Ameru; (largest) A dragon like snake that  tries to eat and devour any who try to swim across the Clear sea. They weak point is that can't see above them due to their eyes begin so far apart and low on there face.

Amenc; (medium/small) Fish with long whiskers and very spikey scales they seem to try to charge into their enemy and stick them with their scales. Usually found in the lakes or pound in Peztil or Argu.

Deformed trees and plants that have been poisoned by the curse the can be cured if broken of by the stem or watered with the water of the clear sea.

Peztil and Argu
Peztil a realm full of many canines and one feline secretly snuck in. You would be surprised at how many talented and special lupes live here. There are different places to explore such as to the West is Argu The land of the magical and crafty canines it's the only place in the realm that's sorta separated due to only being to enter it through a large gate which is highly protected, that and you have to swim the clear sea to reach the gates. Now to your North is where the celestial mountains lay you have to cross island to island till you reach the final plain which hold the great Spirit tree and below the tree lays Gypasy temple. It's said that Gypasy ghost lays wrapped around the tree but only few have said that they've seen this. Now for the final land found in Peztil which would be the southern plains, it's the most common place to live many canines resort to living here.

Argu A land hidden within Peztil sealed off by gates only wolves who have magical abilities live here. In Argu there are two sides the west where the desert lies home of many thieves and merchants. and then to the east is the iced caps which is a group of large mountains homing many foxes and there devilish thoughts, clever but sneaky they say.

Brief beginning of the story

The Great Awakening

It's so dark and cold.. am I lost?" I thought to myself nothing but a small feline. I felt myself drifting into nothing but endless thoughts, I had my paw wrapped around every little word said in my head. Nothing but endless worries, concentration has been the hardest thing for me to do. "Hey kid are you okay?" I heard calling from above and that's when I finally opened my eyes. Everything was still pretty dull I looked up to see that I was under a large tree, I could smell fresh rain falling and the moisture soaking into my thin coat of fur. "I said are you okay kid?" I looked to my left to see a rather large beast or wait.. A dog perhaps, I've heard of them before but have never seen one.  "Did I stutter?" the beast asked again beginning to sound annoyed. "Uhh" I muttered slightly still very confused and a bit scared of this beast in front of me. "My bad I keep forgetting this is your awakening of life Kviny. I'm Yakio your caretaker I was told to look after you during this time of great darkness." Said the beast as she looked out towards the dark plains and rain skies. "Kviny?" I muttered to myself quietly "So this must be my name huh?" I thought to myself. "Are you the creature that they so call a dog?" I asked Yakio. Yakio just smiled and kept looking out into the dark plains endlessly "Yes I am a dog, don't let the make a difference in your life okay. My eyes widened finally I had focus and concentration again, lifting myself up of the damp ground then faced Yakio. "So the bond we will have shall grow?" Yakio turned to me finally looking away from the mess that Peztil had become "Yes this shall bloom but I'll need your help with free the curse from this land, is that understood?" I paused for a moment thinking over it, though she is my caretaker I barely know her this could all just be some trap that she plans on leading me into. "Well though you're my caretaker I think it's best if for right now we part ways, I need to take a walk and get used to this unfamiliar feeling." I looked to the left past Yakio and dashed off for the bridges that lead to the main plains of Peztil. "So that's how you plan to learn you first lesson." Tress muttered under her breath and watched me storm off into the dark plains. I dashed across the three long bridges till I reached the main plains they were so dark all the plants looked infected and had striking resemblances to horrifying beast, I could feel the rain falling harder here and the small rumbles of thunder in the distance."What a terrible place this has become." I whispered to myself then looked around to see if any others were around, funny thought that in this realm there didn't seem to be any other mutts around at all.

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Comic Info Out ~ ˆ⌣ˆ 

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